Debugging Dan
My personal journey balancing life, a job and sideprojects.

[PODCAST] 005 - On Being Stuck

In this episode, I delve into the concept of being stuck, sharing my personal experiences and struggles with procrastination and hesitation. Despite already being on episode five, I explain how starting this podcast has been a significant challenge for me, largely due to my inexperience with editing and producing audio content. I discuss how breaking tasks into smaller pieces and setting deadlines can help overcome these obstacles. I also touch on the importance of letting go of perfectionism, finding motivation, and recognizing that it’s okay to take breaks and allow for a slow pace when balancing work, family, and side projects. Join me as I navigate through these challenges and share tips that have helped me get unstuck. Read more
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[PODCAST] 004 - Completing a project

In this episode I discuss the challenges of completing a side project. Adding gamification to Observalyze is used as an example, as is starting this podcast. Read more
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[PODCAST] 003 - Observalyze Update

In this episode, I share my experience of completing Observalyze and preparing to launch this podcast. Today is significant as it's the European elections in the Netherlands, highlighting the political climate and its impact. After discussing the elections, I delve into the final steps of Observalyze's development, including my plans for its marketing and integration with other projects. I explain my goals for the podcast, my approach to recording and editing, and my plans to create a smooth workflow for future episodes. I also touch on the challenges of marketing and my commitment to staying authentic in my promotional efforts. Read more
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[PODCAST] 002 - Ideas and Implementation

In today's episode, I discuss my approach to project ideation, focusing on solving my own problems rather than traditional validation methods. With nearly 20 years of software development experience, I quickly build projects using a boilerplate setup to address issues I encounter personally. Read more
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[PODCAST] 001 - Introduction

In the first episode of the "Debugging Dan" podcast, I introduce myself and the podcast. Read more
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